How is the price calculated?

The price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies are determined by supply and demand: the buyers who want a certain currency and the sellers who have that currency. BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL does not set the price of Bitcoin or any digital currency.

How do I buy Bitcoin and Ethereum?

After you have signed up with BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL, you can deposit money to your account. You can then use it to buy digital currency.

Do I need to buy a whole Bitcoin?

No. Bitcoin, Ethereum and most other digital currencies are divisible. You can spend a small amount of money and buy or sell very small amounts over time.

Can I buy Bitcoin with my currency?

Yes you can buy Bitcoin on BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL with your local currency in any part of the world sign up now and make a purchase we offer you flexible payment options to suite you.

Is Buying Bitcoin Profitable?

Buying Bitcoin is very profitable and the price of Bitcoin since inception continues to rise and its not controlled buy the Government.

How do I Convert My Bitcoins to My Local Currency?

After you have signed up with us and bought bitcoins your Bitcoins will be converted to your local currrency and paid into your bank account number which you filled out in your profile.