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Maybe you are new to Bitcoin (or BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL) and you are just not completely sure of how things work. Maybe you are one of our early customers, with a very technical question. Either way, the BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL Community Team is here to help you.

At some point, you may need to get in touch with us. Our goal is to make that experience as smooth as possible. This guide is to help empower you with some tips how to speed things up.

Bitcoin growth

As you may have noticed, Bitcoin (and BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL) has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few months.

Bitcoin has become so popular, in fact, that there are more people using the network worldwide than what it was designed to handle (luckily there are some improvements underway). Every day there are more uses for Bitcoin; more people, institutional investors and banks that understand it; more positive press; and many positive industry developments, truly the next step in the evolution of money. This is great news, as we are already seeing Bitcoins potential impact in the world of finance. What comes with that, however, is the fact that we cant always immediately respond to your questions. This is unfortunate: we love helping our customers. It is not just something that we have to do, something we like to do. But, when Bitcoins popularity and new customer sign ups grow faster than our Community Team, it leads to delays and frustrations.

"We understand: it is super frustrating, and we are really sorry about the amount of time it may have taken recently for us to get back to you."

We are working around the clock to clear any backlogs and we are also hiring aggressively. To give context: our ticket volume has more than doubled in three months and no matter how fast we are hiring, it is nearly impossible to double your staff size in such a short amount of time. This article is not just to explain the situation, but also to empower you with a few tips on the best way get your questions answered, as quickly as possible

Tips for faster support

Tip #1: Visit the Help Centre and the Learning Portal

If you are very new to Bitcoin, head over to the FAQ page. You will find a comprehensive overview of every question and answer you need to know about Bitcoin ranging from How to invest, How your bitcoins are converted into your local currency, and How to buy Bitcoins.

you can send us messages on all questions relating the BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL platform and Bitcoin, including:

(1) Buying or selling Bitcoin

(2) Using Bitcoin

(3) Security


(5) Identity verification

(6) Deposits and withdrawals

Tip #2: Only send one ticket, please

We spend a lot of time each day looking at tickets, which you can submit via email or through our message portal. It slows our response time down if you send in multiple tickets relating to the same question. It also has a knock-on effect and slows us down in getting to other customers questions. We understand: it is frustrating when you dont get a quick reply. But we do review and reply to each and every ticket and sending more than one duplicate ticket doesnt speed it up. For example: every month, we spent over 19 hours just closing duplicate tickets. That is a lot of time wasted, where we could instead have responded to your questions.

Tip #3: Send all relevant information

We understand the urge to send a quick email: you have a seemingly simple issue and you want it resolved (and sent) as fast as possible. It will, however, speed up the process a lot (and potentially avoid a long back-and-forth, where we request additional information) if you add some more information to the ticket.

Tip #4: Be patient when depositing money

Bitcoin platforms like BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL and customers like you have to rely on the existing banking infrastructure. In some cases, various banks and platforms all need to communicate and settle with each other, and this can sometimes lead to delays. Whereas transfers between some banks settle very quickly, in many cases it can take up to two days for a deposit to be confirmed in your BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL account it is much better to fund your wallet with Western union or MoneyGram and your deposits will be confirmed early enough.

If your deposit still has not cleared in 48 hours, please contact us for help, along with some relevant information: the email address associated with the BITGOLD INTERNATIONAL account, proof of payment, and any other relevant information. We will track it down from there and assign it to your account as soon as possible.

Three very important things to remember about deposits:

(1) You can only deposit money from your own bank account.

(2) Always include your unique reference number.


To repeat: we are aware of the growing pains that come with serving an industry that is growing as fast as ours, and we are working hard to fix it. Not just in the short term by working longer, harder and smarter but also in the long term. We have already welcomed and trained additional Community Team members this year (and we are still hiring), we have greatly increased our KYC (know-your-customer) document verification capacity, and we have introduced multiple automations to help us prioritise and speed things up.

Thanks to all our customers bearing with us during this busy period as we are scaling and working on products that will change the future of finance.

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